"Khatleen Minerve will always remain one of the most talented, creative, and respected photographers that I have ever worked with. Her willingness to pursue her vision, no matter the challenge, reflects in the magical moments she captures in her photographs.

As a model, I adore the amiable and professional atmosphere Khatleen creates with her captivating personality and straightforward directions. As a fan, I am always eager to be inspired by Khatleen's latest work. But most importantly, as a friend, I can vow that despite the seemingly effortless perfection, Khatleen works incredibly hard at determining the artistic direction of the shoot, capturing the moment she envisioned, and producing the ultimate end product.

It is this unfaltering passion and determination that drives her and her success. The only reproach I have is that whenever we are on set and Khatleen finds something funny, her infectious laughter leaves everyone around unable to compose themselves, especially the model!"