An engagement session or a pre-wedding photoshoot is a beautiful prelude to your big day. You will gain some photography experience, overcome camera anxiety, and become more comfortable in front of the lens before the big day. It will give me a better glimpse of who you are as a couple and we can get to know and understand one another. You can hopefully grow accustomed to my presence and my way of working, which I firmly believe will make you feel more relaxed on your wedding day. This is truly when we bond and build trust.


“Khatleen is certainly one of the most unique photographers on the island. She captures everything with a specific idea in mind that's minimalistic, tasteful and impactful. If you're worried about how you are going to look in the pictures, she successfully manages to make you at ease and get your best angles' worth! When professionalism meets talent, here comes Khatleen. I would recommend her to anyone I meet.”

—Yamini & Pascal